Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our first full day in Jerusalem

To be honest, I haven't felt like we were in Jerusalem. We got to the airport, cab, and we were cloistered away in St. George's.

So, this morning, I was really looking forward to a brand new day. We were so blessed that we got here safely, and we have some good travel stories to add to the other horror travel stories we have from the past :)

We had Eucharist at 730. It was Anglican, and I really liked the liturgy. Subtle differences, but enough to make it something new and different. It really matched us being in a different place.

Breakfast was, well, interesting. We step up to the table: cut deli meats, cut tomatoes, cucumbers, hummus (YUMMY), Greek yogurt stuff again, pita, hot beans and scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, and cereal. I went with the pita, hummus, some cucumbers and an egg.

At 9, we had another briefing with some orientation stuff. You can get your laundry done for 10 US dollars (no thanks). We also got our internet connection (30 bucks. It turns out, if you want to use the school's computers, you still have to pay the 30 dollars!) So, added costs; oh well. We'll wash our clothes in the sink, and the internet is worth it to buy...

After that, around 1030 we had some free time :) Finally! Alan and I took off into the Old City of Jerusalem (where most of the NT 'historic' stuff is: temple mount, via dolorosa, church of the sepulcher). We went into the Damascus Gate (there are a couple main gates: Damascus, Herod, Lion, and Jaffa. It was great! It was a funnel of people and you take a twisty left, then right and then you're in the old city!

There were millions of delicious smells- food, spices, incense. Basically, the old city is about a 6 foot wide path and it's packed with vendors and sellers of everything imaginable! I found a 2 dollar bra!!!! (Didn't buy...yet...) I'm hoping Alan and I can find some incense for our wedding in the Christian quarter. The old city is broken up into 4 quarters- Christian, Muslim, Armenian, and Jewish. We were there for an hour and a half. We came back to the College and got on a tour bus.

We rode through the city and rode to a French Catholic monastery. Had tomato/carrot, more tomatoes, turkey/chicken (we weren't sure) with mushrooms, baked potato, veggies. At first, after the soup and tomato, we saw fruit on a table and thought, this is it! But alas, they fed us more :)

We then had an incredible experience. Climbed up the roof. Looked out over Jerusalem. The other way you can see Jordan. I mean, it was incredible!!!! So, we took some great shots, read Psalm 122. The scriptures are just in such a different light when you're looking at the holy hill!! Amazing!!!

We then got into the Bus and looked over the Judean Desert. I mean, this is THE desert that Jesus was tempted in! Ok, maybe not, but quite possibly :) :) :) Just really really cool!!

On to will be posted later this evening. love to all!

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