Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday 1-10-10

Hi! It is only 10 am here, but I decided to do a morning blog.

We got up at 530 am and went to the Holy Sepulcher! I'll talk about this more later when we 'officially' go with the college and do the Via Dolorosa and finish there.

But, as said before, this is where the Catholics think Jesus was whipped, crucified, body prepared, and then the tomb of Jesus. Pretty neat stuff. In it, it is broken down into areas- it's huge! There is a Latin Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and the Armenians. And then the Muslims own it. Interesting, right?

So, we stayed and had some great prayer and reflection time from about 6 until 730.

We walked back, ate breakfast, did laundry, and now I just finished blogging! :)

Today is a free day. (We have free time until 6- prayer and reflection on the trip so far; 7- dinner; 8- lecture).

Then, we'll probably be offline for the next three days. We're heading to Galilee!

Love to all!


  1. We continue to enjoy reading your adventures and seeing the wonderful pictures. Stay safe and know that we think of you and pray for you both often! Will look forward to when you are back online and we can catch up on your trip to Galilee! Love to you both.

  2. Where you able to take any pictures? How is the relationship between Muslim ownership and Christian pilgrims?